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Nice guidelines cochlear implants 2018 is cuddling a bad thing What is source cochlear implant? The implant consists of an external portion that sits behind the ear nice guidelines cochlear implants 2018 a second portion that is surgically placed under the skin see figure. An implant has the following parts. A microphone, which picks up sound from the environment. A speech processor, implsnts selects and arranges sounds picked up by the microphone. Cochlear implantation. Who is a candidate in 2018? Bennett, MD, and Samantha Anne, MD The World Health Organization identified hearing loss as one of the most common causes of disability and the third leading cause of years lived with disability, affecting nearly 30 million Americans. Current estimates predict around one percent of children and 63 percent of individuals over the age of 70 are impacted by hearing loss Barnett, 2016.

Beyond a Hearing Aid - Mayo Clinic

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Pediatric cochlear implantation (6 months of age)

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