Photo Stream disappeared from iPad Air and iPhone 6plus

My photo stream album missing scott brothers house party tour dates Instagram This photo sharing app boasts compatibility with Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook and Foursquare, and has lots of fun filters. Instagram isn't just a great way to share your own photos, it's a great way to see what photos your friends are my photo stream album missing. As a freebie, this app is a no-brainer.

how to add photos to photo stream

Daniel Nations has been a tech journalist since 1994. Updated May 30, 2019 165 165 people found this article helpful My Photo Stream is a feature on your iPad that allows you to share the most recent photos between all of your iOS devices. This means you can take a photo on your iPhone and view it on your iPad without worrying about manually copying the photo yourself.

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iCloud Photo Library vs. Photo Stream - What's the difference??

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