Does my girlfriend have learning disability??

My girlfriend has a learning disability dreamweaver html tutorial Dealing with Learning Disabilities in Relationships By. Brita Miller Learning disabilities may present many challenges to the individual other than the obvious. They can have a great impact on relationships and personal interactions. The effects are my girlfriend has a learning disability by persons with learning disabilities and their partners. The problems can manifest themselves in a variety of situations. A person with learning disabilities may be frustrated about the way a partner provides assistance by feeling stifled when too much is routinely provided, which may give rise to the perception that he or she is stupid or being treated like a child.

couples with learning disabilities

Next Does my girlfriend have learning disability? I love my girlfriend very much. She is 19 years old and ever since I met her I thought she was perfect for me. She's a VERY nice person and very caring and does all that she can to make others happy.

Common Learning Disabilities

dating someone with a learning disability

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loving someone with a learning disability

A Wife with Down Syndrome and her Autistic Husband (A Real Love Story)

Is disability a dating dealbreaker?

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