7 Inspiring Female Athlete Quotes

Motivational quotes female athletes ariana grande ricky dating For most women, it's one of those rare times when we get to put on our stretchiest leggings, eat nachos and toss back Bud Lights or glasses of Pinot, in my case without judgment. After all, these past two years have been huge for motivational quotes female athletes in football, specifically. Come Monday morning, you'll be ready to dominate.

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As I started creating this list, I realized it could drag on for days, so I had to narrow it down! Lindsey Vonn I always channeled what I felt emotionally into skiing — my insecurities, my anger, my disappointment. Skiing was always my outlet, and it worked. She started skiing at the age of three and has seemingly never stopped. Her story is about getting back up every time she fell, especially when many of those falls included broken bones.

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