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Meetup san jose tech sonja morgan daughter net worth Chris Schmid February 16, 2017 Bruce Flannigan Vegas is jumping up and down waving their arms because they feel women have some dominant presence in meetup san jose tech tech industry here. LOL — this is based solely on the analysis of people who have signed up for Meetup. For the record, the media here is desperate for attention link things like this bring a lot of false hope. Thanks for the comment.

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By Elaine Ingalls eingalls santacruzsentinel. He left his latest job, west coast vice president at Nanigans software company, in February. Santa Cruz Works was founded in 2012 by Bud Colligan, senior adviser for international affairs and trade to Gov.

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Here are a few places where you can network and find other entrepreneurs like yourself. I moved here almost six years ago with a dream and a vision to start the next big tech company.

Nicholas Zakas @ TechXploration (Part 1 / 5)

Ed-Tech Meetup: Plugging Ed-Tech into Schools

Meetup Group 23rd Sept - mini Introduction

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