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Matsumoto jun girlfriend 2019 carlos correa wife miss texas Toma used to be called Toma, Touma, or Toma-chan by his family and friends. Younger juniors in the agency called him Toma-san and that morphed to Tomasu. He likes to wear jeans a lot.

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Also they have similar face, especially their eyes. Maybe you have seen their photos on the news. Both of their agencies didn't denied the rumor, they just said that they are a close friends. Did you also remember when Sho mentioned in Music Station that he start to learning piano again because his friend wants him to playing piano at his wedding. About the same time, Ogawa also mentioned at his blog that one of her friend is started to learn piano again.

Matsumoto Jun finally dumped Inou Mao and getting married with Aoi Tsukasa???

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MJ Dating with Mao Inoue? The two obviously met during the filming of the series, and has dated ever since. The series started airing in 2005, so they have been together for over 10 years. Matsumoto is heavily guarded by his agency regarding his love life, so the couple has not been caught on camera as much as other celebrity couples.

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