Twitter Verified A Fake Elon Musk Account

Mark zuckerberg twitter verified account wichita county warrant list Source Radical Proposal for Fixing Twitter's Abuse Problem Only zuckerbert verified users tweet would end most abuse--and have surprisingly little impact on the average user. It's social media SARS. We now know that Russian-sponsored trolls used phony accounts and networks of automated "bots" to stoke controversies and seed the news ecosystem with false narratives during the 2016 presidential election.

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Although these have not been without their problems, such as when an impersonator of Rupert Murdoch's wife Wendi Deng managed to get their spoof account verified by Twitter , they are generally an effective way to prevent Twitter users from being misled, and to protect celebrities from being misrepresented. Mark Zuckerberg, Madonna and the Guardian newspaper are among those accounts which are now proven to be verified and authentic and which now bear the emblem. They explained that the Pages in question would be those of a, "small group of prominent public figures celebrities, journalists, government officials, popular brands and businesses with large audiences".

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Правда, еще не ясно, как отреагируют люди на первые тяжелые потери. Вероятно, война быстро окончится, и через некоторое время оба уцелевших сообщества смогут достичь равновесного состояния. Однако данные о людях заставляют не без оснований предполагать, что этот вид будет продолжать сопротивление, пока не погибнут все особи.

Twitter cracking down on Verified accounts • Fox & Friends First

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