Linux Logical Volume Management

Lvextend ext4 example meet asian singles in australia I have been playing around with a Lvextend ext4 example Linux virtual machine for the last few months. When I first created the virtual machine, I selected the default size for the operating system which is 8 gigabytes. However, I'd like to create a larger partition because I am running out of space. I am using the Ext4 file system with a logical volume here my primary partition. Can you help?

lvreduce example

It can be used to enlarge or shrink an unmounted file system located on device. If the filesystem is mounted, it can be used to expand the size of the mounted filesystem, assuming the kernel supports on-line resizing. As of this writing, the Linux 2. The size parameter specifies the requested new size of the filesystem. If no units are specified, the units of the size parameter shall be the filesystem blocksize of the filesystem.

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LVM - In AIX - Creating a VG LV FS

CentOS cloned XFS to EXT4

Linux File System Types

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