5 Things Harry Potter Fans Will Fight Over in Deathly Hallows Film

Luna lovegood house scene chinese dating site toronto We bet you our last butter beer you hadn't seen all these deleted scenes. The http://hippopota.me/sayt-znakomstv-s-inostrannimi-devushkami/evangelical-churches-in-san-francisco.php Ron Weasley sticks his foot in it In the Prizoner of Luna lovegood house scene after Harry was banned from the school trip because he didn't have a parental signature, all the students are in The Great Hall playing with their things from Diagon Alley. Ron's totally oblivious of Harry's worries about Sirius Black potentially murdering him, and keeps going on about how great the whole experience is. The time Dumbledore put his housee in Harry's hands Holy hippogryffs and other such phrases, you're gonna luna lovegood house scene continue reading Harry Potter feels than you thought humanely possible houe you realise just how much a wounded Dumbledore believed in Harry in The Half-Blood Prince. The time Dumbledore made everyone do karaoke In The Goblet of Fire, for reasons unknown a clip was cut which showed Dumbledore and the students singing, dancing and chanting about 'Hoggy Warty Hogwarts' to impress their guests.

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Wands at the ready, Harry Potter fans. It's time to duel again. Friday's release of the penultimate Potter pic is a cinematic retelling of the first half of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.

Luna Lovegood Scenes [Deathly Hallows: Part One in HD]

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Over the course of 7 books, people the world over have fallen in love with the story of the Boy Who Lived. Rowling found a playful and inventive way to tackle the coming-of-age tale; weaving fantasy, wordplay, and a surprising amount of pathos into the ever-maturing story.

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Top 10 Craziest Harry Potter Details You Missed

Harry, Ron, and Hermione Leave Home - Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Pt. 1

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