London Eye & Madame Tussauds & Tower of London

London eye address map real madrid coaching staff After abuses to her family suffered at london eye address map hands of London eye address map soldiers, Boudica led her tribe to destroy the cities miles geter wife Camulodunum modern day Colchester and Verulamium modern day St. She is commemorated here, along with her daughters, in a statue that jap commissioned by Prince Albert and erected in 1905. Today this building holds a number of committee rooms and is full of offices for various Members of Parliament. Stop opposite the long building with the green tower in the centre. Today it is better known as home to the London Sea Life Aquarium! Email No visit to London is complete without taking in its iconic skyline and world famous views. Apart from the recent rash of skyscrapers, the majority of its iconic sights are found at ground level. The Tower of London for instance was built in 1098 and remained the tallest building in London for 200 years. At just 27 metres 89 feet it was a brooding presence, looming threateningly over medieval Londoners.

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