7 Lupus Life Hacks That Help Me Thrive

Living alone with lupus ready made dating websites for sale Coping with Lupus Whether you have been recently diagnosed with lupus or have been living with it for many years, learning to live with, what can be a very debilitating disease, is not an easy task. The ways in livinng this disease can physically and emotionally affect a person varies widely from patient to patient. One thing that is consistent when coping with a chronic illness like lupus, is the undeniable toll that it takes on the mind and body. There are many challenging feelings that will be faced and it is important to know that all of them living alone with lupus normal. The power comes in gaining the understanding living alone with lupus where those feelings are stemming from, so that you are better able to develop techniques for learning to cope with them.

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Though I could have used a survival manual or magic genie at the time to answer all my questions, I was given good old life experience instead. Today, I see lupus as the catalyst that shaped me into a stronger, more compassionate woman, who now appreciates the small joys in life. It has also taught me a thing or two — or a hundred — about how to live better when dealing with a chronic illness.

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