Shawn Johnson Believes Des Moines Is 'The Heart Of America'

Liang chow gym dslr camera backpack Trying to contain her nausea and fear, a 16-year-old Shawn Johnson took to liang chow gym balance beam at the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing, China, in liang chow gym hopes of nabbing the coveted gold medal. Her routine was shaky that last dayafter competing in every event for the USA gymnastics team, and her coach Liang Chow knew it. And she did.

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This is the second straight year for the camp in Funabashi. Chow has produced two consecutive Olympic champions -- Shawn Johnson was the balance beam champion in 2008 and Douglas was the all-around champion in 2012. We wanted to discover Chow's and Gabby's secret to success. What do you think is so special about Chow?

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After coaching Americans Shawn Johnson and Gabby Douglas to gold medals at two Olympic Games, Chow is taking his experience back to Beijing as the new head coach for the Chinese women's national team. Chow's goal is to have the "best of both worlds" in Beijing. He says he is keen on introducing some of the "American attitude" toward youth sports by bringing some fun to the gym. This week he is in Doha QAT at the World Championships, wearing the China warmup for the first time since his retirement from the Chinese men's national team in 1991. The invitation to return as head coach came as a result of the Chinese government's interest in fostering international relations, Chow says.

In The Gym With Legend Al Fong

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Beyond the Routine: Chow II - Norah Flatley

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