A Case for Grace: Lee Strobel's Story

Lee strobel conversion craigslist livingston manor ny Donate Was Lee Strobel ever an Atheist? But how he got there matters. In a nutshell atheism is a rejection of, or doubt in, the proposition that any deity exists.

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Leslie Strobel Born. abt 1952 I came to the conclusion ultimately that based on the avalanche of evidence that points so powerfully toward the truth of Christianity, it would have taken more faith for me to maintain my atheism than to become a Christian. Questioning the Story. How did Lee Strobel get his start as a journalist? In exploring The Case for Christ true story, we learned that years before Lee Strobel began working at the Chicago Tribune and the Daily Herald, the Arlington Heights, Illinois native edited and published his own four-page newspaper, the Arlington Bulletin, when he was just 13.

This, after spending his life prior to the book and his investigation into the reliability of Gospels as an atheist. After finding faith many years ago, he remains as convinced as ever in the truth of Jesus's death and resurrection. While still an atheist, it was his background as a journalist that prompted Strobel to investigate and conduct extensive research into Christ with the help of religious and historical expert.

Lee Strobel: The Case for Miracles

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