2PM’s Junho Says He Hasn’t Dated In 10 Years And Is Looking For Love

Lee junho interview 2018 scripture about winning the race A wish for people to acknowledge me. You got even busier when you debuted as a solo singer in Japan, right? However, the total album sales amounted for around 83000 copies, I think?

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I wanted to try to be as truthful to express my feelings in this album. Based on the summer albums that I have released, they were songs that are bright and happy. I hope that for this album, everyone will imagine about me while listening to it, and I wrote the songs this way. If it were to just be imagination, everything will be OK right? I have also tried a little dangerous concept for my album cover laughs.

Вид этого сооружения заставил ее вспомнить особенно яркие моменты детства. "Моей драгоценной дочери Николь и всей молодежи мира я предлагаю одну простую истину, - услышала она голос отца, заканчивавшего свою речь по случаю награждения его премией Мэри Рено [современная английская романистка, пишущая на исторические темы].

- В моей жизни я нашел лишь две истинные ценности - знание и любовь. Ничто другое - ни слава, ни власть, даже успех - не обладает столь же вечным Облик отца целиком занял память Николь.

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