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Jesus of nazareth movie cast how to know if she is serious about the relationship Share on Facebook Share this photo on Facebook Sometimes, a few months before starting the filming of a movie that is expected to be quite successful, they demand from the cast members some requirements to adapt in a better way. In some occasions, they have to go through strict diets to have the body they are asked for, losing weight or fattening kilos in a very short time, with the different consequences that this can have for the organism. However, when you want to get so much into the role of a movie, in the end, you can get hurt. Without going any further, worthy of admiration were the enormous demands that faced Christian Bale when recording jesus of nazareth movie cast Machinist" 2004having to lose no cash than 28 kilos.

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Phoenix grew the beard and long hair to get into character but reportedly refused to rub mud in in the eyes of a blind woman, which is what Jesus did in the book of John. Christian Bale Forget about Batman; before Christian Bale came across to playing a superhero, he stepped into the iconic white robes of the Son of God. Haaz Sleiman "Killing Jesus" star Haaz Sleiman is just the latest in a long line of attractive men who have played the Messiah. Sleiman gives a different twist to playing Jesus in this political thriller and part historical drama based on the book written by former Fox News host Bill O'Reilly based on the iconic story of Jesus.

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Some details have been updated. There are those who look too good to be considered holy, others who seem to be miscast, and a couple who look downright ridiculous.

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All the Actors Who Have Played Jesus, Ranked

The Jesus Film - Tagalog Language

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