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Jason statham age and height taylor swift songs ranked Jason Statham height is 1. Jason Jason statham age and height Childhood At an early age his childhood friend the footballer Vinnie Jones familiarized him with football, so he played go here grammar school when he was only 11, Jason also was a fan of diving and he was a native of the national team of Britain at the age of 12, his experience with the swimming team at national level thought him discipline, determination and focus. From 2005 to 2009, Jason statham age and height played many roles in many movies and collaborated with many producers, which made him even more professional and strict. The Expendables 2010 alone made about 103.

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His rapid rise to fame is consistent with his propensity towards anything that requires speed, skill and energy. He is the son of Eileen Statham, a renowned dancer and Barry Statham a lounge singer and street seller. He goes by the nickname, The Stath.

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What you've said is interesting and I'm inclined to agree with you that 5ft8. Even with his bad posture, comparisons such as Statham with Jude Law, make me guess he doesn't quite hit 5'9". I love the one where he partners up with Paddy Considine as a couple of detectives trying to track down a cop killer.

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