Is divorce legal in china

Is divorce legal in china anti social dating app Zeng Yuli is a freelance writer focusing on Chinese youth culture. A few years ago, a report by a state-run newspaper in the central province of Hubei caused is divorce legal in china brief stir online when it revealed that an employee of a local marriage registration bureau had refused to process chin than 500 divorce applications over the course of nine years. During that time, either partner may — should they no longer agree to the divorce — withdraw the application. The divorce will also be voided if the couple does not return to process the final paperwork.

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More and more expats are moving to live in China. After making the difficult decision to divorce, they have to consider where and how to do it. Some expats consider returning their home country for divorce, but some consider divorcing in China where they have been habitually residing for a long time as they consider it to be more convenient for them.

Legal Trouble in China

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