IOS: Stuck On Updating iCloud Settings, Fix

Iphone backup restore stuck jonna mannion husband Doing this can solve several small glitches on your phone and you might solve the issue you are facing. Follow the below steps to do hard reset of your iPhone. For iPhone 6 and older models, press Power button with Home button for 10 seconds. At last, press Side reestore and leave when Apple logo appears. To do the process without any error, you should have a stable iphone backup restore stuck connection.

restoring from icloud backup taking forever

Most iOS device users prefer iCloud over iTunes. Unlike iTunes, iCloud does not require you to be connected to a personal computer for it to work. The online service iCloud is also relatively easier to use. You can easily backup and even restore your iOS device by using iCloud at any time regardless of where you are. According to Apple, you are required to activate the iCloud backup option, be connected to a working wireless connection using a cellular connection will not work , have enough iCloud storage space, lock your gadget's screen and connect your iOS device to a reliable power source for you to make a successful backup.

iPhone 6s iCloud restore problems

iphone stuck on restoring media

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there was a problem enabling icloud backup

iPad Stuck in Recovery Mode and Won't Restore? New 2018 Solution.

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