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Infidelity support groups denver tandem software wiki If you are here because you recently found out your spouse is having an affair, or even if you found out infidelity support groups denver you know has been cheating for example, you found your spouse on the Ashley Madison hackthe first step is to pause, collect yourself, and mentally prepare to get professional help from a counselor. Navigating this alone is not the best infideljty. A support group or advice from a friend is also not the best route and can lead to toxic advice that is not neutral nor has your best interests at stake. Only a trained therapist is most qualified infidelity support groups denver help you chart the best course for what happens next.

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David Letterman is just the latest public figure who has admitted to having an affair — or in his case, multiple liaisons. They will need to find strength in themselves to cultivate forgiveness. And they have to accept that and answer to their partner.

June 2016 Favorite Expert Q&A "How Can I Forget the Affair Partner?"

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Lisa Marie Bobby Sep 5, 2016 Dr. I know with certainty that being involved in an affair is one of the most traumatic and damaging things that someone can live through. In the aftermath of infidelity, everyone involved is left feeling emotionally bankrupt and broken, and with unanswered questions blaring in their heads. This podcast is my attempt to answer some of them. Why do affairs happen? Why does infidelity happen in even happy marriages?

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A Betrayed Spouse's Journey: Rewriting the Past

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