6 AWESOME Indoor Softball Drills

Indoor fastpitch softball fielding drills samsung refrigerator customer care Conclusion What is softball? Softball is a sport which is played using a bat and a ball. There are two teams which compete against each other. The game is very similar to baseball, although there are some very striking differences. I learned this from Bill Hillhouse. Find a mirror or any other reflective surface. A glass door will do too.

35 Competitive Drills to Build a Complete Infielder

This will help you to visualize and begin thinking through your practice organization. The larger the indoor facility you have, the more of a variety of drills you can do. Once you have an idea of your space, you can now begin to think through which drills are going to make the best indoor softball drills for your practices. Not sure where to start?

indoor baseball drills

Indoor Defensive Drills for Softball

Softball Techniques - Hitting

indoor softball drills pdf

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