I Don't Want or Need to be Taken Care Of

I just want to be taken care of relationship breakthrough testimonies That is, some women want to be completely respected for their capabilities and strength of character while also wanting to be led, supported and cared for emotionally, socially and yes, sometimes i just want to be taken care of economically when they are with a man. The stronger a woman is emotionally or professionally in her daily life, the more she may desire some aspect of this. This phenomenon may not seem fair to men who seek a relationship founded on equal support, care, understanding and check-covering, which, admittedly, seems like a fair request. I mean that lightly, but my actions will show it heavily. I was raised to be very independent shout-out to you, Mom and Dad , to go after the things I want in life and get them myself. No shortcuts. No hand-outs.

i want a woman to take care of me

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need rich man take care me

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