This is Why Some People Don’t Like to Be Touched

I don t like being touched by strangers sorority rules about dating Here's where people don't like to be touched by strangers Guia Marie Del PradoOct 28, 2015, 03.14 IST A friend brings you to a party where you don't know anyone, but you want to make an impression on the next person you meet. Your friend hugs a friend and introduces you. Do you hug them, too?

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Mar 23 2017 I hate being touched. It's not a germ thing; I'm just not comfortable with it. What is the point? Why are we doing this?

Helping Remy Get Over a Fear of Being Touched By Strangers

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Opinion I don't know when we decided hugs were the default greeting for every social situation, but it has to stop. See also. Adorable toddler DGAF about hugs Oddly enough, there are some people in this world who do not like being touched. And they especially do not liked being touched by strangers. We don't even like being touched by people we kind of know. There are exactly five categories of people I will accept hugs from freely, happily and without question as long as they don't overdo it . 1.

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