When You Have To Poop At A Friend’s House…

How to poop quietly destroyer ship blueprints By Sophie Hirsh 2016-12-21 12.00.00 UTC You get up from your desk, and take a leisurely walk to the office bathroom and every stall is miraculously empty. You contently saunter into your favorite one — how to poop quietly one on the end. You carefully line the seat with toilet paper.

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But the thing is, everybody poops. Even girls poop, we just do it way classier, like with monocles and stuff. But regardless of your gender, having to drop a log in public is rarely a pleasant experience, so without further adieu, here are a few at-work tips you might want to keep in mind while doing what comes naturally! Now is the time to strike. Tip 2 Use a Restroom on a Different Floor Nobody knows your face on floor seven, so feel free to help yourself to their fancy toilets as frequently as you like!

How To Pass Gas Like A Gentleman - Gas Prevention Tips

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