Ted’s girlfriends on “How I Met Your Mother” – where are they now?

How many girlfriends has ted mosby had short resignation letter 2 weeks notice Whenever he got close to someone they ended up being crazy, leaving him at the altar, etc. If I rated every single one, this would be a very long article because the amount of relationships he had is infinite. The couple was on again, off again, and honestly Karen was beyond how many girlfriends has ted mosby had and annoying. She also was very jealous of any female Ted was friends with, and hypocritical, accusing Ted of cheating ever chance she got, even though she was the only one who cheated.

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However, the show was quite unique in the way it was written, with a future Ted narrating to his children the story of how he met their mother. Throughout 9 seasons and 11 years, fans waited patiently to meet The Mother. Of course, Ted kept us guessing the entire show, and with every girl he dated and there were a lot of them we wondered if she could be the mother of his children. Of course, none of them ended well and often left Ted, who still had feelings for his best friend and ex-lover Robin, disappointed and let down.

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How I Met Your Mother - Ted's hippopota.me of Them...

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How I Met Your Mother Actor Josh Radnor (Ted Mosby) - Fun Interviews

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