Single parents of kids with cancer get help from Singleton Moms

Help for single parents with cancer she wont come over Getty Images Some days, I am a terrible mother. His big brown eyes searched my face. At least we ate dinner, and the dishes were in the dishwasher. Courtesy of Christine Coppa "Okay," Jack said. We brought her home a few weeks before my surprise cancer diagnosis.

single parents with cancer support

Read more. Four years ago, I was diagnosed with kidney cancer. In a matter of twenty-one days, I went from an initial routine health appointment, to having my left kidney removed.

supporting a child whose parent has cancer

A survivor's advice for single parents facing cancer BY Ryan Stephens As if the cancer journey isn't tough enough, imagine being a single parent to a 15-year-old daughter. That was the case for Constance Charles when her doctor confirmed the cluster of lumps she'd felt around her right breast was breast cancer -- stage II noninvasive intraductal carcinoma.

Ellen Meets a Courageous Mother and Daughter

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