The 16 Best Healthy Cookbooks of the Year

Healthy cookbook for singles lgbt deaf community Over hdalthy years I've bought a number of "cooking for one" cookbooks -- the best one I've seen is Jane Doerfer's Going Solo in the Healthy cookbook for singles -- but I just don't seem to pull them out very often. After you get a little bit of cooking experience you won't have too much trouble dealing with most healthy cookbook for singles that claim to serve 4 or 6 people. How To Cook Everything is fairly widely acclaimed as the best new cookbook of the past 10 years and for good reason. Bittman has an infectious love of good, honest food.

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The Laura Lea Balanced Cookbook has more than 120 recipes, encompassing everything from smoothies to healthy bread and filling dinner entrees. Many of the recipes can be made ahead of time, making healthy eating more accessible to those with busy lifestyles, and the majority of the meals come together in 30 minutes or less. The book also contains shopping lists and menu plans to make the prospect of eating right exciting instead of cumbersome. Perhaps the most compelling part of this cookbook are the hundreds of glowing reviews. Users write that The Laura Lea Balanced Cookbook is one of their favorites, thanks to its delicious recipes, beautiful pictures, and overall versatility.

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My Favorite Modern Cookbooks // Living Deliciously

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