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Gravity falls giffany full episode effects of office romance We wanted to give the show a proper sendoff, so we ranked EVERY episode of the show leading up to the big finale. Major spoilers are ahead, so be careful if you're not caught up! At first, gravity falls giffany full episode crush on Mabel is cute, but as the story progresses we learn that he's willing to do anything to make her his girlfriend, and the fact that he can use mind control and telekinesis to get whatever he wants makes us extra uneasy. Of course, all of those things are the mark of a great baddie, and his return episodes are some of our faves in the gravity falls giffany full episode. Mabel and Dipper Pines had encountered quite a bit in that first season, and it definitely made fans hunger for more. In Season 2, they definitely upped the ante…and then, the series ended. With the show having ended in mid-February, I began looking over the 20 episodes the season had encompassed. Some played off events that had been started in Season 1, and others brought to light new revelations, that both entranced us, and made us ask even more questions! With that in mind, I finally present my Top 10 favorite episodes from the second season of Gravity Falls.

The Forces of Evil, has acquitted itself well in the 21st century so far. The central mystery is pretty low-stakes compared to later installments, but the episode sees Gravity Falls begin to stretch its comic legs.

Lets Play Giffany The Game: Romancy Acadamy

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Gravity Falls S2E08 Soos' Past

Gravity Falls Soos And The Real Girl part 4

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