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Got questions catholic bible star wars gift ideas Linkedin Comment As Pope Benedict XVI continues with his highly publicized visit to the United States, some may wonder what the major differences are between Catholicism and Protestantism quetsions the two main Christian bodies in the world. Perhaps the biggest difference is their views link the sufficiency and authority of Scripture. Traditionally, Protestants believe that the Bible alone is sufficient in teaching man all that is necessary for salvation from sin, and contains the standard in which Christians should measure their behavior. Catholics, however, do not believe that the Bible alone is enough, and instead hold that the Bible and sacred Roman Catholic traditions got questions catholic bible equal in authority, as noted by Got Questions Got questions catholic bible, which provides biblically-based answers on spiritually-related questions in its Web site, GotQuestions.

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They sometimes claim this when defending their "Sacred Tradition," so that they might support extra-biblical teachings such as purgatory, penance, indulgences, and Mary worship. They often say the only way the Christian church knew what books are to be included in the Canon of Scripture was because it was revealed by word-of-mouth in the early church, that is, by the tradition of the Catholic Church. Furthermore, they imply that their church, not the Protestant churches, has the "authority" to decide what scripture really is.

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We at GotQuestions. However, unlike some other groups, when Roman Catholics express their disagreement with us, they are generally respectful. My frustration with Roman Catholicism is not necessarily that Roman Catholics hate us, but rather the fact that Roman Catholics often, after reading our articles, come away with the impression that we hate them. Let me say clearly and explicitly, I do not hate Roman Catholics. The vast majority of my extended family are Roman Catholics.

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