10 Best Text to Speech Apps for Android – Convert Any Text to Voice

Google text to voice app i take advice from a woman not a man james charles You can also listen text in different language using this app. It has an unique feature which allows to scan device memory and find all supported file formats. Download From PlayStore Google Translate Google Translate google text to voice app one of the best and popular translator app which can also be used as text to speech apps for android and iOS users. It will translate any language to English and other google text to voice app. It has an amazing algorithm which can easily read webpages, eBooks, documents and other text file and easily convert them into audio file.

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Which is why I converted my Kindle into an E-ink web article reading machine. But as it turns out, you can go one step further and take your eyes completely out of the equation. Cool Tip. Voice reading apps are also great for kids with learning disabilities as it allows them to process information without being boggled down with the complications of reading. You can customize the speed here as well. Now go to any app, highlight some text or an entire article and from the popup menu select Speak.

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Translate Voice or Text in Real-Time with Google Translate app

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How to use goods text to speech / tts का इस्तेमाल

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