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Friendship day party in guwahati does holy see have a flag Cotton Collegethe three-day festival expects thousands of visitors. Mocho, the friendly mascot, says that that the festival will have approximately 14 stalls from various states and countries, such as Sikkim, Arunachal Pradesh and Tibet. Image courtesy. YouTube The festival will have something for all friendship day party in guwahati groups. Besides unlimited supply and different types of friendshil, these three days will keep visitors entertained with music shows, photography, tattoo counters, various fun activities and competitions — such as the Momo Eating Competition. For the unconditional love for momos, fun, friends and family, the festival has been conceptualised by VAS Incorporated, which is a dream child of four friendship day party in guwahati Singh, Varun Vohra, Shivnath Sharma and Sandeep Chatterjee.

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Aug 4, 2019 Main Attraction Friendship Day is a revered occasion for friends all over the world. On this day people express love and heartfelt feelings for their best friends and buddies. Being social animals humans need friends with whom they can interact and share their worries, happiness along with being comrades in every high and low of life. Friendship Day marks the celebration of profound friendship and respect that friends feel for each other. The legacy of celebrating Friendship Day dates back to 1935.

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