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Ephemeris calculator nasa anna faris birth chart The accurate navigation of space probes depends on four factors. First is the calcu,ator system for determining the position and speed of a probe. Second is the location from which the measurements are taken. Third is an accurate model of the solar system, and fourth, models ephemeris calculator nasa the motion of a probe. For all U. The Perigee and Apogee Table All dates and times are Universal time UTC ; to convert to local time add or subtract the difference between your time zone and UTC, remembering to include any additional offset due to summer time for dates when it is in effect. For each perigee and apogee the distance in kilometres between the centres of the Earth and Moon is given. Perigee and apogee distances are usually accurate to within a few kilometres compared to values calculated with the definitive ELP 2000-82 theory of the lunar orbit; the maximum error over the years 1977 through 2022 is 12 km in perigee distance and 6 km at apogee. Other close-to-maximum apogees and perigees are flagged with a single character, again indicating the nearer phase.

Our Living Planet From Space

planetary ephemeris data

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