Veronica Roth wants you to figure out what 'Divergent' is all about

Divergent book message albanian physical traits Email Imagine a world in which people must choose a single characteristic within themselves on which all other aspects of their lives will depend. Citizens in this world are segregated into five factions; mfssage on their 16th birthday, the young must choose the faction to which divergent book message will belong. Dauntless braveAbnegation selflessErudite intelligentAmity sereneor Candor honest. On the other hand, if you find that you have components of each of the factions divergent book message yourself, and dare foster each of them rather than just one, you are considered "Divergent," and therefore dangerous. Divergent has always been the BuzzFeed quiz of young adult fiction, a YA story set in a dystopian Chicago that sorts its citizens into color-coded groups based on whether someone is kind Amity , honest Candor , intellectual Erudite , generous Abnegation or brave Dauntless. When the time comes for our young protagonist Tris played in the film by Shailene Woodley to choose her faction, her aptitude test reveals that she doesn't fit neatly into any of the categories, but rather shows aptitude for more than one, making her divergent. She's told, by a sympathetic test administrator, to hide the fact that she's different because people will try to kill her if they find out she's not like everybody else, and if you think you see where Divergent is going with this, you're probably right. It's not clear why divergents are threats to this world's system, they just...

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Share The future is upon us in young adult literature, and it's not pretty. Teenage readers—and plenty of adults, too—are immersing themselves in bleak dystopian worlds with postapocalyptic problems and oppressive governments. One of the most-read authors on Goodreads in 2011 is newcomer Veronica Roth , a debut novelist who started work on her manuscript during winter break of her senior year at Northwestern University. Divergent is the first of a planned trilogy about a heroine named Tris, who is raised in a crumbling, near-future Chicago ruled by five factions. Tris's faction, Abnegation, values selflessness above all else, but when she is asked at age 16 to choose which faction will be her permanent home, she must make a decision based on what is right for her, not others.

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