Did "Jackie " from that 70's show date " Hyde" is real life?

Did hyde and jackie date in real life alabama dating meme Except Jackie As far as friendships go in That '70s Show, the relationship between Eric and his friends is as peculiar as they come. For some reason, Eric and his male friends mostly tend to address one another using their last names with the exception of Fez whose real name is unknown. Even Donna has more than once called some of her male friends by their last name, and vice versa. Jackie is the only exception -- unlike her friends, not did hyde and jackie date in real life in eight years did she ever call any of them by their last name.

did hyde and donna date in real life

What really happened behind the scenes of That '70s Show Getty Images Nicki Swift While the premise of That '70s Show focuses on a group of teenage friends hanging out, a lot more than that went on behind the scenes. You'd be surprised by what happened when the cameras stopped rolling. This celebrated show comes with a collection of tales filled with romance, regret, and resentment. Let's take a trip to Eric Forman's basement and find out what was happening behind the scenes of That '70s Show.

Jackie & Hyde - 3x08 3/3

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Well, turns out the producers of That '70s Show weren't aware of this fact either! When a casting call was released for the show, it insisted that everyone who auditioned was at least 18 years of age. Kunis was desperate to get the role of Jackie, so simply told producers that she would be 18 soon. They fell for Kunis' ruse, and the young actress secured her part. Kunis' secret didn't remain concealed forever.

But in real life, her background is much different than that. Kunis immigrated with her family from the Ukraine to Los Angeles when she was seven. By the time she hit 14-years old, she was auditioning for the role of Jackie Burkhart on That '70s Show. But she had to sneak around the producers casting call.

That '70s Show Then And Now

Mila Kunis Reads Iconic That '70s Show Lines - Cosmopolitan

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