Deus Ex: Human Revolution Side-Quests

Deus ex human revolution detroit side quests history jokes ww2 If you want to run through the side quest here, specifically Acquaintances Forgotten, there are some things you must have done earlier in the game. Most of these are triggered quest when you meet certain prerequisites. The Detective is in the same building as Saurat, which is the Northern Downtown apartment building. Head up to the third floor. There you will see a Corporate Guard.

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You can get a lot of free stuff and credits with just a little looking. The password for your personal computer in your office on the third floor is lying next to it on a pocket secretary. You can jump on to get a note that they want you to look into the a few Neuropozyne robberies, and in order to do this, they hand over a few door codes in the emails.

User Info. strange706 strange706 7 years ago 1 I am really stuck. Basically I was doing missions in Detroit and did that side quest where you have to take care of the two drug dealers. I was doing Motherly Ties but even though I had done everything you could possibly do it still told me to find all evidence related to the case, which I had. So I started doing the main quest and did the first boss in highland park. When I got back to Detroit, I suddenly lost a side quest I hadn't even started, I cant remember what it was called though.

LP: Deus Ex: Human Revolution: Hengsha Hub 1 (Sidequests)

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Deus Ex Human Revolution - SideQuests - Lesser Evils - PT 1/2

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