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Definition and examples of blackmail acting like a man in a relationship Contributor s. Linda Definition and examples of blackmail Share this item with your network. Cyberextortion blackkmail a crime involving an attack or threat definition and examples of blackmail an attack coupled with a demand for money or some other response in return for stopping or remediating the attack. Ransomware attacks, in which blackmailers encrypt victim systems and offer to decrypt the systems after the victim sends funds, usually in the form of cryptocurrencies like bitcoin, are currently among the most common form of cyberextortion. However, other types of cyber blackmail can include distributed denial-of-service DDoS attacks that the blackmailers offer to suspend on receipt of payment or the threat of exposing confidential corporate data that has been stolen from an organization. Generally, it involves the threat of revealing embarrassing or damaging information about a person in order to coerce them to do something. Classified as a criminal offense, it a form of extortion. To explore the concept, consider the following blackmail definition. Definition of Blackmail Noun The act of demanding payment, or a certain action, from another person in return for not revealing compromising or damaging information.

Random good picture Not show 1. She had already tried emotional blackmail to stop him leaving. She started off by accusing him of blackmail but he more or less ignored her. I'm never prepared to surrender to blackmail. That was a terrible case of blackmail in the paper today.

Knife scene from Blackmail (1929), Hitchcock

emotional blackmail examples

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