The Facts on Teen Dating Violence

Dating violence facts inclusive relationship rules According to the 2007 Youth Risk Behavior Survey, approximately 10 percent of adolescents nationwide reported being the victim of physical violence at the hands of a romantic partner during the dating violence facts year. In South Carolina, for example, nearly 8 percent of adolescents reported being physically violent to a romantic partner. Interestingly, the rates of reported victimization versus perpetration in the state were similar for boys and girls. Departments of Justice DOJ and Health and Human Services HHSresearchers presented findings from several studies that found that girls and boys more info the same dating violence facts of physical aggression in romantic relationships.

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Facts about Teenage Dating Violence Teens have to deal with a lot of changes while growing up. Growing up helps teenagers mature as an individual; but, it also means dealing with dating violence. Teenage dating is always special, and for many, it is the first time they actually start dating.

FACTS: Teen Dating Violence

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What You Probably Don't Know About Domestic Violence and Abuse

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