Suspects Charged in Tinder Murder: How Dangerous Is App Dating?

Dating app murders dana isaiah pics When Cattamanchi met Jessica Ermatinger online, he had no idea who he was dealing with. Ermatinger was a prostitute who was looking for money. She posted an ad dating app murders and Cattamanchi took the bait.

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Crime Nypd Voices The suspect in the murder of a nurse in New York and at least two rapes is blaming voices in his head for his alleged crimes. Danueal Drayton was arrested on July 24 in Los Angeles on charges of sexual assault and attempted murder. Drayton, a 27-year-old from Connecticut, is alleged to have used dating and ride-hailing apps to prey on women, The New York Times reported. He has been linked to several cases involving violence against women.

Dating app murder suspect seemed like 'dream guy'

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Cancel 0 Online dating should be about fun, laughter and finding the person that makes us happy. These seven people thought they were going to have a great first date, but the people they were meeting for the first time had something else in mind.

Wright Stewart said her daughter wanted to meet someone and get married, but rarely talked about dating. But law enforcement authorities say a Connecticut man used them to prey on women, including a nurse in Queens he met through Tinder who was strangled to death earlier this month. The police in New York have also linked the man, Danueal Drayton, to a rape in Brooklyn and they are investigating whether he might be responsible for other rapes and killings involving women he met through dating and ride-hailing apps.

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