Fury Warrior PvE Guide (WoW BfA

Commanding shout bfa kit harington height meter Shields- It is impossible to PvP successfully as a warrior without commanding shout bfa shield. Spell reflects, melee mitigation, commanding shout bfa very important defensive cooldowns all stem from your use of shields. After that, you just need to keep applying MS and overpowering their casts whenever a silence or stun isn't up. It doesn't matter how low they are, if they can get heals off without MS up they will easily outheal your bladestorm damage, which means you just wasted your most important offensive cooldown and gave the healer a big advantage.

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For most sensible levels of gear and under most circumstances, you will not reach the crit cap unless affected by something along the lines of Recklessness which would grossly inflate your Crit chance. It is important to note that while additional Crit will increase Flurry up-time, it is subject to diminishing returns. Heroic Strike if rage is over 60 and Bloodthirst and Whirlwind are both on cooldown.

BFA WARRIOR First Impression - World of Warcraft: Battle For Azeroth (BETA)

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War Machine is weaker than in Legion, unless targets are dying frequently avg. Endless Rage synergizes with Carnage and Recklessness , working best in sustained combat. Fresh Meat pairs well with Frothing Berserker , and is more useful for intermittent combat. The removal of Shockwave makes Storm Bolt more useful by default, though the prevalence of other class stuns and competition with Double Time will make it situational at best.

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