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Chip ingram recommended books ben carson biography wikipedia Ingram not only teaches through his own experiences, but then parallels his experiences with scriptures to show us how, no matter what we are going through, there is an answer in the Word. To chip ingram recommended books that God is always here and for us to look to the Word for proof and comfort in times of need, question, or doubt. Truly loved this book, and hope to tread more.

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About God's Prescription for a Great Marriage Everyone wants to experience a great marriage that lasts. The most effective and satisfying way to achieve that worthy goal is by consulting the One who created marriage in the first place. With compassion, transparency, and engaging storytelling, author and pastor Chip Ingram unpacks what marriage really is, why God created marriage, and the unique roles both a man and a woman play in their marriage. A marriage that works, says Ingram, is more wonderful than you thought possible and harder than you imagined--but it's worth the work.

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Мы реконструировали этот космический аппарат поспешно, и поэтому многие удобства отсутствуют. Тревогу вызывает твой возраст, поскольку среди людей старше тебя нет никого. "Действительно, - сказала себе Николь.

"What Does God Require of You?" – Romans 12

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