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Chilli tlc net worth 2018 paid stamp for adobe Born in Iowa, she spent the majority of her childhood in and out of hospital due to her sickle cell anemia. Throughout the years, T-Boz has successfully risen to become one of the most well recognized singers in the country. Of course, the fame and popularity would have also earned her a hefty fortune- which it has. Rozonda, with her fellow members, Lisa Lopes, and Tionne Watkins were the reigning bands during the 90s. However, the band members separated after Lisa lost her life sadly in 2002. Even after the disbanding, Rozonda still remembers the good old days and misses the fun she had with her members. However, she could not see her dad till 25 years as her parents had ended their relationship before her birth.

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What Was Revealed About Lisa Left Eye Lopes After Her Death

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Мне грустно, словно бы я что-то потеряла. Насколько я поняла: мы, люди, совсем иные, чем ты и Рама. Трудно ожидать, чтобы в этой или другой Вселенной появились существа, хотя бы отдаленно напоминавшие. Мы всего лишь брак, побочные дети хаоса. А подобные тебе создания, вероятно, обитают во всех вселенных, за которыми следит Творец.

Lil Mama Brought Left Eye's Sister to Tears

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