Beezy and Nintex: Intelligent Automation for the Digital Workplace

Chatbot for sharepoint on premise exponential decay model for carbon-14 Great content delivered right to your mailbox Thank you! Check your inbox for our monthly recap! In this blog post, we look at Azure again; specifically, how the platform lets developers build and support chatbots at scale. Language Understanding Chatbot for sharepoint on premise Service LUIS A vital feature of a chatbot involves the complex task of human language processing, and users expect to be able to use natural language as opposed to computer commands that a more technically-minded person might understand. Applying this sort of intelligence to software applications used to be reserved for academics or computer scientists, but Azure makes this easy.

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The SharePoint search engine is very powerful as it is fast and highly tunnable. However, most of the times, users simply use it as they use Google or Bing. This auto-generated very specific SharePoint query will return very accurate results.

Create a Chatbot with Microsoft Teams - integrate Chatbot with Microsoft Teams

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Last year Nintex, the world leader in intelligent process automation, and Beezy, one of the most successful digital workplace solution providers, formalized a technology partnership. With the Nintex Platform, people can easily automate, orchestrate, and optimize content across any system of record including SharePoint, Office 365, Salesforce, Box, SAP, custom databases, and more. Beezy and Nintex Workflow Cloud, the underlying cloud-based workflow platform, provides a joint solution that seamlessly surfaces relevant information for every employee in their custom workplace. Moreover, with Nintex and Beezy, team members can assign and complete tasks, have conversations around their processes, and get their questions answered by a chatbot, all from one central environment. How Does the Integration Work?

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Automate Business Process using Microsoft Azure Bot, MS Flow,and SharePoint Online

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