Did Janice actually know Chandler was faking his trip to Yemen in Friends?

Chandler breaks up with janice episode nina dobrev and austin stowell engaged Monica's weight at the time surprised those who didn't know her then. She tried to defend herself by saying chandler breaks up with janice episode camera added 10 pounds. However, her weight shouldn't have surprised to Chandler. He even commented on it in that flashback. He visited the Gellers for the November holiday again and saw her after she lost the weight as well.

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Sorry, Gunther. Just like the rest of the Friends gang, Janice grew up , survived her 20s, and lived happily ever after. Fans know this because she even got her own conclusion at the end of the series. To boot, girl even got a decent slice of character development.

While the show shouldn't be expected to pay off every single plot point it's a sitcom, not Lost there's a whole bunch of major storylines that fizzled out before they were completed. Here's some of the worst offenders, the narrative Friends threads we're still scratching our heads over. Phoebe and her dad Despite the fact once a parent is introduced on Friends they tend to be a recurring character Rachel's dad, Ross and Monica's parents, Chandler's dad etc , 'The One With Joey's Bag' features the only appearance of Phoebe's dad. That's despite the fact the narrative seemed to have plenty of potential Phoebe's dad was missing from her life up until this point, and she was still working through her feelings about him. He never appeared again, not even at her wedding.

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But before Monica and Chandler were a sure endgame, Monica was dating different men one of which she could have ended up with, if not with Chandler! So throughout the show Chandler would have been in between or torn between the ladies; sleeping with one, and arguing with another at some point in the series.

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