21 Ridiculous Pop Star/Animal Puns – Can You Do Better?

Cat band names puns altair watch company Some are brilliant, some are terrible, and some are brilliantly terrible. Or, for some cat band names puns, any name at all. Usually by that time the group was established enough to be playing shows and even putting out records, so a name change was inevitably traumatic. Now, thanks to Google, fledgling bands can avoid such a fate with a thorough web search.

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Then enjoy these rock puns! What do you call a rock that never goes to school? A skipping stone! Why did the tectonic plates break up?

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We hold no responsibility for any barneys or blues that may erupt over the ensuing discussions brought on by this piece. Since we last checked there was a whole bunch of people living on planet earth, most of them with a cracking sense of humour. Just how insane can the name of your act be?

Top Ten Funniest Warrior Cat Names

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The band didn't realize it was also slang for bi-sexual, which caused a few misunderstandings in their early days. When he proposed the name to the group, the rest of them said "What? Like that book they make you read in high school? A-e-r-o smith... I was eating Doritos and just said the first name that came to mind.

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