How To Create A Breakout Game with Box2D and Cocos2D Tutorial: Part 1

Box2d games examples christian single mom quotes Box2D is a powerful physics library that comes with the Cocos2D game programming library for the iPhone. Jump to part two of the series. Allright, time for some Breakout! An Ever-Bouncing Ball Start by creating a new project with the cocos2d v2. Clear box2d games examples the template code and so box2d games examples have an empty project to start with — see the intro to Box2D tutorial for instructions on how to do that.

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This is the second and final part of a tutorial on how to create a simple breakout game using the Box2D physics library that comes with Cocos2D. We left off with a box that bounces around the screen and a paddle we could move with our fingers. Box2D and Collisions To find out when a fixture collides with another fixture in Box2D, we need to register a contact listener. The trick to a contact listener, however, is according to the Box2D User Manual , you cannot perform any operation that alters game physics within the callback. Since this is something we will probably want to do such as destroy an object when two objects collide , instead we will just keep references to the collisions so we can deal with them later.

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Building Mobile Physics Games with GWT and Box2D

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