Alison Brie on ‘GLOW’ and the Exhilaration of Getting in the Wrestling Ring

Betty gilpin alison brie interview jim sturgess movies 2018 The Netflix original is loosely based on the Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling variety show and the 2012 eponymous documentary. This is something viewers witnessed during Glow's pinnacle season 2 episode, "Perverts Are People, Too," which finds writer Rachel Shukert putting her own spin on sexual harassment. In it, Betty gilpin alison brie interview character Ruth is almost assaulted by TV executives in a meeting to discuss a potential source show, eventually running for her safety. Getty Images While the events are fictional, they're not far off iterview real-life stories of harassment in Hollywood.

I was watching some WWE Raw last night just to get pumped for filming today. The Times caught up with the pair a few months after production wrapped to reflect on their journey to becoming stars of the ring. Brie. When my agents first called me about it, it was the most vague thing. They said, "Jenji Kohan's doing a new show, it's about women's wrestling.

Alison Brie Resurrected Her Childhood Perm for GLOW

I do feel like in lesser hands a show about female pro-wrestling could go very wrong. For each of you when you got the pitches, did you know right away it would be great or did you need some coaxing to get there? Alison Brie. I knew right away, after hearing that Jenji was involved. When I first heard the pitch, it sounded really exciting and I knew more than anything that it would be unique. I was like, This is such a bizarre idea.

WTF with Marc Maron - Alison Brie and Betty Gilpin Interview

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