Ashley Jacobs Continues To Cause Major Drama As She Tries To Claw Her Way Back Onto Southern Charm

Ashley jacobs instagram account putin wife name Ashley appeared on the show because she was dating Thomas Ravenel, the father of Kathryn's children. As fans know, Ashley ashley jacobs instagram account to her guns all season, really going for the jugular. She didn't even let up or show any semblance ashley jacobs instagram account remorse during the reunion episodesso what did she say in her apology post? To start out, she didn't just address Kathryn — she also included the viewers, writing, "To all of the Southern Charm fans, in instagrsm. And to Kathryn, in particular. Remember how I kept promising you guys that Ashley Jacobs would quit stinking up the fine city of Charleston technically Mount Pleasant and go back to either her mama in California or back to working in Vegas in her alleged primary profession at the end of October? Well, Thomas Ravenel did cut her off. Sort of. But much like serial killers, there are always crazy people on the Internet that like these pitiful excuses for humans. In the past, we learned that Ashley likes to call people see finds on the Internet and form bizarre friendship with random strangers.

Patricia Altschul Calls Ashley Jacobs Ghastly

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Gillian Walters Just when you thought Southern Charm couldn't get any more dramatic, longtime cast member Thomas Ravenel began dating a very outspoken nurse from California named Ashley Jacobs. Although Jacobs initially seemed harmless, she soon proved to be anything but charming. Sadly, this battle has allegedly spilled out on social media, and new rumors about their rivalry have since come to light. Fair warning, things are about to get dark and twisted.

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Southern Charm: Kathryn Tells Thomas That Ashley Is A Psycho (Season 5, Episode 14) - Bravo

Patricia Altschul on Why She Blocked Thomas and Ashley

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