Anti-Anxiety Drug Side Effects

Anxiolytic drugs side effects first dates youtube lisa Blurred vision Benzodiazepines can make depression worse According to the FDA, benzodiazepines can worsen cases of pre-existing depression, and more recent studies suggest that they may potentially lead to treatment-resistant depression. Furthermore, benzodiazepines can cause emotional blunting or numbness and increase suicidal thoughts and feelings. Benzodiazepine safety concerns Drug dependence and withdrawal When taken regularly, benzodiazepines lead to physical dependence and tolerance, anxiolytic drugs side effects increasingly larger doses needed to get the same anxiety relief as before.

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Adverse effects of antianxiety drugs. Edwards JG. Antianxiety drugs, like other drugs used in psychiatry, can cause a wide range of adverse effects. Many physiological systems may be affected, but, as the main action of antianxiety drugs is on the central nervous system, this system is particularly vulnerable. All antianxiety drugs have the potential to produce untoward effects on higher cerebral functions, although the effect seen is also influenced by psychological and social factors.


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Psychiatric Pharmacology for Nursing Students

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04 - Anti Anxiety Drugs And Side Effects

Anti-anxiety medication limits empathetic behavior in rats

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