Rustic Elegance in Event & Wedding Venues

Affordable banquet halls in chicago suburbs daniel howell natal chart Hailing from Brooklyn, this is an affair you won't want to miss. The luxurious grandeur of our former masonic temple presents an elegance that consistently leaves our guests in awe. For us, we believe that these characteristics serve more than just a purpose to inspire awe.

small wedding venues chicago suburbs

Each local photographer has their own mini list of their best wedding venues in Chicago. Of course, the right venue helps enormously. In this spirit, here are the top 10 wedding venues in the Chicago area — seven in the city and three in the suburbs and worth every mile down I-90. To be sure, this is an eclectic but dynamic list — and it reflects the spirit of the brides captured by Michael Novo Photography.

Gala Banquet Hall

small wedding venues chicago

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affordable banquet halls chicago

Best Wedding Reception Views in Chicago Suburbs

affordable banquet halls chicago

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