ADHD Therapists in Houston, TX

Adhd life coach houston pop culture dating app You want to switch jobs or stop chronic disorganization and lateness, which have been hurting your marriage. The key, of course, is finding the right one. They help you achieve specific goals. Living with ADHD is Stressful Do you find you are stressed about. Time getting away from you Procrastinate around starting large projects or finishing a project Disorganized with your papers and belongings You put extraordinary effort into keeping all the balls in the air and inevitably one or two drop. Sometimes important ones that hurt those you love. You feel badly and wonder what is wrong with you. It is not your fault I will show you how to identify the symptoms of ADHD and you will no longer see them as personal shortcomings. You will discover what executive strengths and weaknesses you have and receive quality training to overcome those weaknesses with routines and structure designed specifically toward your unique situation.

NAMI: A Conversation on ADHD with Dr. Houston - 8

executive functioning coach houston

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executive function coach houston

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