Do Not Trust the Madrid System When You Register a Trademark in China

Wipo trademark search china professional matchmaking services vancouver The future procedure is set out below. Possibility of objection Objections may be made by the designated office itself, or by third parties for some designations, if there wipo trademark search china reasons to object under the law of that designation. If there is an objection for any of the designations, then that objection will be sent to WIPO by the designated office s.

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However, what are the most important things to consider when registering your trademarks for the Chinese market? In this article we will provide some more detailed information on the trademark applications process in China and such registrations in the context of a worldwide trademark application. Unlike in some Western countries where one may gain trademark rights by usage alone, in China it is fundamental to register a trademark even before you engage in any business activity. The National Application contains three stages. 1.

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By Claire Jones , 10 January 2017 The Madrid System for the international registration of marks offers brand owners the opportunity to apply and maintain protection for trademarks in more than 90 countries via one single procedure, in one language and one set of fees. However, levels of protection can vary and the process is not without its shortfalls. For brand owners looking to register their valuable trademark rights in multiple international jurisdictions, the Madrid System for the international registration of marks provides a simple and cost-effective route to protection.

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